Cherry Blossom Amsterdam

Hi all, this post will be about a park where you can enjoy cherry trees blossoming in Amsterdam. The dutch word for this is Kersen Bloesempark. It is located in the Amsterdamse Bos, south of the city. The Amsterdamse Bos itself is very big and the section where you can find cherry trees blooming is […]

Folta Jeans and Vanmoof Photoshoot

I have been wanting to take more photos of Folta jeans. Luckily, I am recently in possession of three pairs of their jeans, Folta 029-US, Folta 029-HW, and Folta 028-5th Anniversary. I am myself have been wearing the old Folta 025-Black. I decided to go to the Jordan district in Amsterdam Canal Ring in the last […]

Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015

When I saw one of the installation in the Amsterdam Centraal station, I became very interested in the light festival. This particular installation is very visible and it is located at the spot that I walked through frequently. “House of Cards” was the name of this piece. I realized that this was the perfect moment to learn more about my […]