How to see the Aurora in Iceland

Hi all, I have never expected to see the Aurora during my trip to Iceland. However, we saw the aurora 3 nights during our 7 nights stay. Which was quite a big coincidence. Therefore I would like to share my tips on how to see the Aurora in Iceland.

There are a few things to consider on how to see the aurora in Iceland

The first one is to check (pictured left). Here we can see the level of aurora forecast (0-9 / right panel) per day. During my time there the highest level was 4, but I also see the aurora when the level 2-3. I have read on the internet that the chance to see the aurora on level 2 it is tolerable, above the level of 5 rarely ever happens. The second one is to check the cloud coverage (the left pane), because it takes a cloudless sky to see the aurora, so you have to be in the area. Please also just go out and to sky with your own eyes. The third one I download the app Aurora Forecast (free). I downloaded on my iPhone. The benefit of this app that it gives the information of the aurora per hour, so I could estimate how many hours I need to go out hunting that night, before or after midnight.

So the check points are; the aurora forecast above level 2, make sure there are no clouds, and decide what time you must go out and hunt. I am also informed that auroral activity occurs every 4-5 days. Each wave of aurora activity for about 2-3 days. So it is advisable to stay Iceland not only for 1-4 days, as you could missed this period of aurora activity entirely. Here is the compilation of the aurora activity in addition from the one you saw in the part 1 and part 2:

Good luck for everyone who wish to see the aurora!

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