Hi all, this post is about coffee roaster promotional video that I made for Lot Sixty One Coffee Roaster. The owner is Adam Craig, an Australian coffee enthusiast. I was in contact with him through Whello. My brother himself was working to make a new website for them. And as part of Whello marketing campaign, they offered a promotional video to Adam. Whello offered me since they saw the time lapse video I made for Amsterdam Light Festival. When I started to sketch the video I didn’t have much inspiration. Adam mentioned that he likes the barber shop video from Blind Barber Shop. Here is the video:

What I get from the video was he likes the division of the screen and different footages fading in and out. The other main point  is that the video shows an overall process of opening up the shop, serving the customer, and closing up. Therefore the footage’s sequences that I had planned was opening store, show the roasting process, making the coffee, serving the customer, and overall around the store.

My main equipment are my lovely camera Canon EOS 500D (1080, 24fps), kit lens 18-55mm, 2 tripod, and a camera slider. I carried them around in my Fender’s Electric Guitar Bag. I went 3 times to the roaster for the video. Adam wasn’t present in any of them. I had only met Adam once when we had the first meeting. On the first visit I filmed how the coffee was made, the second visit the roasting process, and the last visit whatever I needed to complete the flow. The most important thing I discovered was that to have a plan. I need to know which footage I have to take otherwise I ended up with too much random video footages without any use of it.

Taking the footage on different days has a major disadvantage, mainly the weather condition can vary a lot. In my case, one day was very nice and bright and the other day it was cloudy. I had to change the white balance settings and to be hopeful that it will go nicely with the others video footages.

Putting the footage together in Adobe Premier Pro was harder that I expected. I have the general point in my head but putting things together are always hard. They are too many combinations but in the end I had to pick and get it done. The other problem I had was the sound, I need use the sound that is free royalty otherwise I or Adam can get sued. So in the in the end I browse some royalty free music in incompetech and bought the sound called “carfree”.

Here is the video and I hope you guys will enjoy it!

I have learned a lot of things from making this video. I enjoyed planning and taking all the footage. However, I didn’t like the stress it brings because I was trying to meet the deadline. Especially when I compared it to when I was making the timelapse video for Amsterdam Light Festival. For that video I went 6-7 times to take the footage and I enjoyed every second of it. Overall it was a nice experience nonetheless.

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