5 Useful Woocommerce Hooks

Hi All,

I will be sharing with you most common Woocommerce hooks that I find very useful. I have been working with Woocommerce for around 2 years. And most of the clients indeed have the same request over and over. For this post, I just looked in my previous client and collected all the information that I think is necessary. Please insert this snippet in your functions.php

1. Change the “Add to cart button” in archive page

2. Change the “Add to cart button” in single product page

3. Reduce the strength of password meter when user sign up

4. Remove and renaming single product tab. Woocommerce has 3 default product tabs which are description, reviews, and additional information.
With the filter “woocommerce_product_tabs” unset the default tabs and add any tabs you prefer. In the example below, I added 4 new tabs, which is about, quality, sizing, and shipping tab.

5. Renaming the label in the checkout field

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