React UTU sistem prestasi part 1

Hi all, This post will be about how I make a react.js web application in combination with express.js to communicated with an internal database. This will be an upgrade from my first react which I have the database externally – Firebase. Check out this link about that article. This web application is a request from […]

5 Useful Woocommerce Hooks

Hi All, I will be sharing with you most common Woocommerce hooks that I find very useful. I have been working with Woocommerce for around 2 years. And most of the clients indeed have the same request over and over. For this post, I just looked in my previous client and collected all the information […]

How to make sticky header

This post is about how to make sticky header on you website. Normally, I will the sticky header from the theme that we use. But some website has a custom theme that I made personally. In that case, some clients also wants to have the sticky header that look different before and after they scroll […]

Website Project

This is one of the website project from my friend at Rokin. His name his Martin and he is a a videographer for his own company MotionPark. For this project he had a clear idea what the website should look like. He had already made the design therefore everything was quite straight forward for me. Website […]